On Thursday, September 15, GPES will celebrate International Dot Day! Wear Dot clothing to school!
6 months ago, Heather Holland
Kona Ice will be at the Pond tomorrow! September 9, 2022
7 months ago, Heather Holland
With less than 40 hours until our trip to Nashville to compete against students all across the nation we want to thank everyone who has ever supported and believed in us. If this year hasn’t been a testament that you can do anything if you try then I don’t know what has. We want to also think the school district and businesses that have funded all of our adventures towards helping Cherokee County be the healthiest it can be! Here’s to attempting to be the nation’s top 10!
9 months ago, Cherokee County School District
students posing
CCSD Academy of Academy Achievement present their animal research presentations!
9 months ago, Cherokee County School District
student giving presentation
Congratulations to Karen Denton on being named Varsity Brands Most Spirited Teacher! We appreciate all you do for the students at GHS! 🖤💛🖤
9 months ago, Cherokee County School District
Karen Denton